Organisations are increasingly looking for ways to retain their high performing employees and to keep them motivated for long. Research suggests that work stress and pressure can really get to employees creating low productivity levels. Apart from this a feeling of not been valued is also a primary reason for employees to leave. Therefore finding creative ways to reward employees can reap rich rewards for organisations.

This is where incentive travel Australia comes in. It is a form of business leisure activity that is created to help employees succeed and become better at what they do. Organisations are known for using target oriented rewards with the use of this method to achieve company goals while motivating their employees.Many experts in business state that many organisations have been using promise of leisure tours as a form of recognitions and rewards for decades. Though it has become popularly known and identified as a specific industry only since of late. Exotic destination tours and participating in many forms of activities are very popular in keeping internal staff, suppliers and even partners motivated and close to the organisation.However this form of rewards cannot just be provided to anyone.

Experts suggest that they work best when the organisation has a clear methodology to assess employee or partner performance. This means that specific goals that need to be achieved within a set time frame must be present. Apart from this the targeted group of employees must have the necessary skill and knowledge to achieve the targets while a lack of motivation being a primary concern for lagging behind. If these are commonly found in your organisation then a specialised tour as a reward scheme can work well. One of the main negative elements for this form of travel is the cost involved and many organisations not having a mechanism to determine the return on investment in terms of staff turnover and performance. Since it’s not a cheap affaire, organisations must procure professional teams such as reliable conference organisers or travel agents who can organise a tour that meets the organisations’ and participants’ goals. Based on research findings the facilitator must make sure that the following are adhered to;

  • The assessment criteria that is used to determine who receives the rewards, must be directly linked to organisational or project objectives.
  • Participants’ performance towards the goals must be consistent and communication about the programme must be equally visible.
  • The overall program or tour should be organised in such a way that the members have time for leisure, interactive sessions and should also include a desirable location such as an exotic beach.
  • Management should be actively involved in the whole programme to make sure that organisational goals are reinforced.
  • Company must have a mechanism to record employee or partner performance and contribution.
  • The selected candidates should be recognised within the company and also have continuous support for growth, motivation and performance.