When one thinks of a bakery, a few delightful memories come to mind; the smell of freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven, the glistening glaze sitting proudly on top of home-made donuts, and the sweet aroma of war cinnamon buns stacked up high; a bakery is truly a celebration of the senses.

If you happen to have a sweet tooth, then your local bakery is probably one of your favourite places to make a pit stop several times a day. If you are truly passionate about baking, however, you may have always dreamt of owning your very own bakery instead of staring into the window of the local one. Find this out if you are looking for personalised wedding invitation.

Reality TV shows and celebrity chefs alike have brought pastry chefs to the forefront, and made it quite a popular form of employment for many young people who have always wanted to work in the food industry but were afraid to make the initial step. Inspiring stories of aspiring bakers and home-cooks across the world as seen on reality TV has skyrocketed the number of interesting and creative little store-fronts to pop up, boasting unique flavors and memorable textures.

Modern bakeries nowadays undertake everything from daily fresh-baked breads, cupcakes for parties, and wedding bombonieres. Fresh ingredients are used every single day to transform dull-looking items into stunning edible goodies, in the skilful hands of the pastry chefs.

Walking into a bakery, you are taken back to your childhood of looking wide-eyed at the many different versions of chocolate-covered delights. Today, you can tap into your inner child and let him run free by purchasing wedding chocolate bars to make that cheat-day indulgence extra special.

Baked goods are popular not only for their taste and explosion of flavors, but also due to the memories tied to them. The smell of freshly baked bread or cookies evokes memories of your mother or grandmother pulling out a tray of goodies for you to decorate with frosting and gobble up in a matter of minutes.

While large bakery chains are seen all across the world, the more homely bespoke bakers and boutique bakery shops are proving to be more popular. the taste of home-made baked goods are so captivating that some shamelessly commute two or three hours just to get a taste of their favourite hand-made chocolates or freshly-churned ice cream.

Daily life and stressful jobs can be draining. The smile that a humble cupcake can put on your face at the end of a hard day is well worth the extra hour at the gym. Say yes to the cupcake!